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Black Lives Matter: An Immodest Suggestion

Here at the Economic Prism we hesitate to offer advice. We don’t know the answers. We hardly know the questions. But we do observe, contemplate, and reflect. And as far as we can tell the BLM movement is empty of ideas and without direction. Hence, from a place of modesty, we offer an immodest suggestion. Continue reading

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Best Laid Schemes

The grand plans of our local officials in Long Beach have been foiled by the coronavirus bug. After seven years of construction, at a cost of $1.5 billion, they can’t even hold a proper ribbon-cutting. Continue reading

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This Stock Market Will Eat You

Captain George Pollard Jr. was hungry. Actually, he was starving. He’d been drifting aboard a small whaleboat with some of his crew in the South Pacific for over two months. The sun was ravaging. The thirst was unquenchable. The meagre food rations had taken their toll. Thus, Pollard did what he had to do to survive. He took a deep breath, said a prayer…then he devoured his 18-year-old cousin, Owen Coffin. Continue reading

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Game Over Spending

Second quarter 2020 came and went like a California wildfire. The economic devastation caused by the government lockdowns was swift, the destruction immense, and the damage lasting. But, nonetheless, in Q2, the major U.S. stock market indices rallied at a record pace. Continue reading

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