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How Inflation Got Away from Washington Screw Ups

Being a government hack has its advantages. You get eleven paid holidays per year. You get promoted for poor performance. The benefits are superb. Best of all, you can get remarkably rich…even if you’re a screw up. Continue reading

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Game Over Spending

Second quarter 2020 came and went like a California wildfire. The economic devastation caused by the government lockdowns was swift, the destruction immense, and the damage lasting. But, nonetheless, in Q2, the major U.S. stock market indices rallied at a record pace. Continue reading

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Dillweed Economics

After more than a decade of studying, documenting and cautioning on the great fraud of our time we’re as shocked as we’ve ever been.  In the year 2015, the entire essence of economic and financial management the world over has … Continue reading

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Debt Downgrade Retaliation

There are occurrences of rich irony that require pause and present reflection.  One such occurrence emerged from the darkness and into the spot light earlier this week.  We could hardly believe our eyes… “A Vatican monsignor already on trial for … Continue reading

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