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Double Nickels on the Dime

Lost in the election year noise and the zealous pursuit of World War III is one overarching fact. The USA is rapidly going broke. And no one can stop it. Continue reading

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Fulfill the Dream

These cash cow businesses, which were dreamed up by Henry Ford, churn out highly dependable revenue streams, pay large dividends, and support investor capital preservation during periods of stock market instability. Continue reading

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This Recession Won’t Stop It

One solution to inflation is a recession. An economic downturn where people lose their jobs and are forced to tighten their belts would reduce demand for goods and services. This could slow the rate of consumer price inflation. It may even lead to deflation. Continue reading

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The Fed’s Harrowing Search for Ample Reserves

Inserted between the push and pull of consumer price inflation and interest rates is the direct market intervention of central planners. Decisions made one day can have lasting penalties upon the next. Yesterday’s monetary policy blunders by the Federal Reserve bring forth adverse conditions today. Continue reading

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