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How Central Planners Corrupted the World

The impossible happened in the late-1970s. Inflation and unemployment simultaneously went vertical. Leading economists were baffled. This contradicted their academic training. Continue reading

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Pre-2020 Prices are Gone Forever

Price inflation is completely out of hand. You know this. Your dog knows it too. Still, President Joe Biden wants you to believe he’s got it all under control. Last month, for example, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki insisted inflation is decreasing. What a crock! Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for the Mass Repricing of Goods and Services?

Rising consumer price inflation is not going away. This, of course, is counter to the “transitory” argument made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell earlier this year. Continue reading

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Pipe Dream Economics

Fiscal policy, as opposed to monetary policy, is more readily understood by the average working stiff. Income taxes, budget deficits, the national debt. These are all tangible things people can grasp a hold of, if they care to. The consequences of zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) or quantitative easing (QE), however, are less obvious to the casual observer. Continue reading

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