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MN Gordon

MN Gordon is President and Founder of Direct Expressions LLC, an independent publishing company.  He’s the Editorial Director and Publisher of the Economic Prism – an E-Newsletter that brings clarity to the muddy waters of economic policy and targets investment opportunities for acquiring considerable wealth.  The Economic Prism is written peering through a prism of free market principles, limited government, and individual liberty.  MN Gordon has written countless articles on the economy, financial markets, and investing, and chronicled the twilight and fall of the economy between 2007 and 2011 at the Great Depression Online.  His views and insights are read by a burgeoning list of newsletter subscribers.

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Marin Katusa

Marin Katusa, an accomplished investment analyst, is the senior editor of Casey Energy Opportunities, Casey Energy Confidential, and Casey Energy Report.  He left a successful teaching career to pursue analyzing and investing in junior resource companies.  In addition, he is a regular commentator on BNN and he is a member of the Vancouver Angel Forum where he and his colleagues evaluate early seed investment opportunities.  Marin also manages a portfolio of international real estate projects.  Using advanced mathematical skills, he has created a diagnostic resource market tool that analyzes and compares hundreds of investment variables.  Through his own investments, Marin has established a network of relationships with many of the key players in the junior resource sector in Vancouver.

Articles by Marin Katusa

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Lew Rockwell, former editorial assistant to Ludwig von Mises and congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul, is founder and chairman of the Mises Institute, executor for the estate of Murray N. Rothbard, and editor of  See his books.

Articles by Lew Rockwell

Doug Casey

Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey has garnered a well-earned reputation for his erudite (and often controversial) insights into politics, economics, and investment markets.  Doug is widely respected as one of the preeminent authorities on “rational speculation,” especially in the high-potential natural resource sector.

Articles by Doug Casey

David Galland

David Galland is Managing Director of Casey Research.  Over the course of his varied career, which includes a stint at the fabled Climax mine following college, David Galland has worked as a conference director for the world’s largest investment conference (National Committee for Monetary Reform, 1979 to 1987), as a financial newsletter publisher or editor (Gold Newsletter, the Aden Analysis, Wealth Magazine, Outstanding Investments, among others), as a founding partner and director of a successful mutual fund group (Blanchard Group of Mutual Funds), and as a founding partner and executive vice-president for EverBank, one of the biggest recent successes in online financial services.

Articles by David Galland

Terry Coxon

Terry Coxon is the author of Keep What You Earn and Using Warrants and the co-author (with Harry Browne) of Inflation-Proofing Your Investments.  He edited Harry Browne’s Special Reports for its 23 years of publication and all of Harry Browne’s investment books since 1974.  Terry was the founder and for 22 years the president of the Permanent Portfolio Fund, a mutual fund that invests in precious metals as well as stocks and bonds. He is currently the president of Passport Financial, Inc., a specialty financial publishing company.

Articles by Terry Coxon

Michael S. Rozeff

Michael S. Rozeff is a retired Professor of Finance living in East Amherst, New York.  He is the author of the free E-Book Essays on American Empire: Liberty vs. Domination and the free E-Book The U.S. Constitution and Money: Corruption and Decline.

Articles by Michael S. Rozeff

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is Senior Precious Metals Analyst at Casey Research.  The son of an award winning gold panner, Jeff helps work his family’s placer claims in California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Gold is never far from his mind or his heart.  Making money in the precious metals industry — both for himself and his subscribers — is what drives Jeff.  He is constantly researching companies to recommend, analyzing the big trends in metals, and looking for safe and profitable ways to capitalize on the gold and silver bull market.  He puts his money where his mouth is, and is completely committed to making BIG GOLD the best precious metals advisory for the prudent investor.

Articles by Jeff Clark

Louis Basenese

Louis Basenese is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist for Wall Street Daily.  A former Wall Street consultant and analyst, Louis helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital before founding Wall Street Daily where he serves as Chief Investment Strategist.  In addition to being an expert on technology and small-cap stocks, Louis is also well versed in special situations, including Mergers & Acquisitions and spinoffs.

Articles by Louis Basenese

John Daly

Dr. John C.K. Daly is the chief analyst for  Dr. Daly received his Ph.D. in 1986 from the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London.  While at the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, where he is currently a non-resident scholar, in 1999 he founded The Cyber-Caravan, which continues today under the title, The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst.  He subsequently served as Director of Programs at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC before joining UPI as International Correspondent.

Articles by John Daly

Keith Weiner

Keith Weiner has been a technology entrepreneur.  He was the founder of DiamondWare, a VoIP software company, which he sold to Nortel in 2008.  Keith is an adherent of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, and a student at the New Austrian School of economics, working on his PhD under Professor Antal Fekete, with a focus on monetary science.  Keith is now a trader and market analyst in precious metals and commodities.  He would like the world to return to a proper gold standard.

Articles by Keith Weiner

Louis James

Louis James is Chief Metals and Mining Investment Strategist of Casey Research.  James’ background in physics, economics, and technical writing prepared him well for his role as senior editor of the International Speculator and Casey Investment Alert.  Like Doug Casey, Louis constantly travels the world, visiting highly prospective geological targets, grilling management and company geologists, and interviewing natives in a variety of languages to find out what they really think (he’s fluent in French and Spanish, and speaks a little German and Russian).

Articles by Louis James

Doug Hornig

Doug Hornig is a Senior Editor with Casey Research.  Doug began with Casey Research as a freelance writer on the former publication What We Now Know, for which he wrote nearly 125 articles.  In October of 2005, he assumed editorship of Casey’s Daily Resource Plus and two years later joined the Casey team full time, helping with the launch of BIG GOLD, which he co-edited until the summer of 2009.  Since then, he has been writing for Casey’s Extraordinary Technology, the Daily Dispatch and other Casey publications, as well as producing articles for general Internet distribution.

Articles by Doug Hornig

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas is British and resides in the Caribbean.  The son of an economist and historian, he learned early to be distrustful of governments as a general principle. Although he spent his career creating and developing businesses, for eight years, he penned a weekly newspaper column on the theme of limiting government.  He began his study of economics around 1990, learning initially from Sir John Templeton, then Harry Schulz and Doug Casey and later others of an Austrian persuasion.  In 1999 he began his predictions for a second Great Depression and has since focused his attention on its ramifications and how it would affect the world.

Articles by Jeff Thomas

Alex Daley

Alex Daley is the senior editor of Casey’s Extraordinary Technology.  In his varied career, he’s worked as a senior research executive, a software developer, project manager, senior IT executive, and technology marketer.  He’s an industry insider of the highest order, having been involved in numerous startups as an advisor to venture capital companies. He’s a trusted advisor to the CEOs and strategic planners of some of the world’s largest tech companies.  And he’s a successful angel investor in his own right, with a long history of spectacular investment successes.

Articles by Alex Daley

Dennis Miller

Over the course of his career, Dennis Miller has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies, training hundreds of executives to effectively communicate the value of their company’s products to their customers.  Among his many multinational clients are: GE, Mobil, Shell, Schlumberger, HP, IBM, Corning Glass, Eastman Kodak, AC Nielsen, and Johns-Manville.  In 1995, Dennis undertook a serious study of investing, devoting many hours a day to reading and speaking with investment managers, authors, analysts, and anyone who could broaden his knowledge of investing.  Sixteen years later, in a conversation with Casey Research’s managing partner David Galland, he suggested that Casey Research was not filling an important role in speaking to baby boomers and retirees about planning and funding retirement.  David agreed.  Soon after that conversation, Dennis’ new book Retirement Reboot was born, as well as his monthly newsletter, Money Forever, and his free journal, Miller’s Money Weekly.  Working with Casey Research analysts, Dennis advises subscribers on how to prepare a bulletproof retirement portfolio and ensure having their own money forever.

Articles by Dennis Miller

John Williams

Economist Walter J. “John” Williams publishes  ShadowStats specializes in assessing the reliability of government economic data and in looking at alternative economic measures from the standpoint of common experience, net of heavily politicized methodological changes of recent decades (inflation, unemployment and GDP).  Other analyses include estimates of ongoing money supply M3, which the Fed ceased publication in 2006, or less-commonly followed series such as the federal government’s GAAP-based financial statements.  Articles related to the accompanying comments on the understatement of official inflation and federal-deficit reality, and an article outlining risks of a US hyperinflation, are available to the public in the upper right-hand column of the ShadowStats home page.

Articles by John Williams

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

Dr. Vliet is an independent physician.  Upon noticing the major push toward government-run healthcare in the US in 2009, she began studying how government healthcare systems affect the quality and availability of medical care.  Her studies led her to become a critic of government healthcare in general and Obamacare in particular. Dr. Vliet’s medical website is

Articles by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

Doug French

Douglas E. French writes for Casey Research and is the author of three books; Early Speculative Bubbles and Increases in the Supply of Money, The Failure of Common Knowledge, and Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Owenrship Myth.  He is the former president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

Articles by Doug French

Don Coxe

Don Coxe has 40 years of institutional investment experience in Canada and the US.  As a strategist and investor, he has been engaged at the senior level in global capital markets through every recession and boom since the onset of stagflation in 1972.  He has worked on the buy side and the sell side in many capacities and has managed both bond and equity portfolios, and served as CEO, CIO and Research Director.  From his office in Chicago, Mr. Coxe leads the Global Commodity Strategy investment management team – a collaboration of Coxe Advisors and BMO Global Asset Management – to create and market commodity-oriented solutions for investors.  He is advisor to the Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund and the Coxe Global Agribusiness Income Fund in Canada, and the Virtus Global Commodity Stock fund in the US, and the UCIT Global Commodities Fund.

Articles by Don Coxe

Jared Dillian

Jared Dillian is the editor of Bull’s Eye Investor, an investment advisory that uses a top-down approach and macroeconomic analysis to identify profitable investments, with a particular focus on behavioral economics.  Before joining Mauldin Economics, Jared Dillian had a successful career as one of Wall Street’s preeminent risk-takers.  He started his financial career as a clerk on the floor of the Pacific Options Exchange, where he fetched lunch and ran risk reports and learned everything there was to know about the derivatives markets.

Articles by Jared Dillian

Nick Giambruno

Nick Giambruno is a CFA charterholder and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance, summa cum laude. He is senior editor at Doug Casey’s, where he writes about offshore banking, second passports, surviving an economic collapse, offshore trusts and companies, geopolitics, and crisis investing, among other topics.

Articles by Nick Giambruno