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Fruits Of Inflation Are Blossoming

A bountiful harvest can always be demanded from the land. So, too, a bountiful supply of money can be demanded from the central bank. But remember, in an economy, like a harvest, you reap what you sow. What we mean is all money is not created equal. Continue reading

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Let The Good Times Roll

The storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday was a wacky and wild escapade. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. These things happen when a nation’s in decline. And, as Wednesday demonstrated, America’s recline and flail goes on. Continue reading

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How to Triumph in 2021 or Die Trying

Henry Worsley should have called it quits. His hero, early 20th century Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, did. In 1909, Shackleton and three companions went closer to the South Pole than anyone had previously gone. But at 97 nautical miles away, and with death knocking at their door, they retreated. Continue reading

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What To Do When The Planets Diverge

Planets Jupiter and Saturn came into closer alignment than any time since 1226 this week. Yet the planets in Washington did not align. The federal government was unable to ‘Christmas tree’ its stimulus bill. Continue reading

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