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ARMed and Dangerous at the U.S. Treasury

The U.S. government’s 2023 fiscal year ends at the end of the month. Does this excite you? It should. Assuming you care about the reliability of your dollar-based savings, investments, and what Uncle Sam does with the taxes you pay. Continue reading

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The Art of the Lose-Lose Deal

Has there ever been a worse time to be a lowly American wage earner? First, Washington spewed out $6 trillion in printing press money. This pushed consumer price inflation to a 40 year high. At the same time, it diluted wages from a standard lager to a pilsner light. Now, at this very moment, the demand for higher wages through union organization is leading to the mass culling of payrolls. The higher wages go. The less jobs will remain. Continue reading

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Taking Scalps

Major League Baseball continues its grind through the dog days of summer. By now, the hunt for a playoff spot is long gone in many cities. Teams are below .500. They can’t even make it via the wildcard. Continue reading

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Debt and Destruction

Something’s off. And it’s making life downright unpleasant for a broad cross section of Americans. The average worker, after putting in his 40 hours a week, is coming up short. Cash outflow consistently exceeds cash inflow. Debits overwhelm credits. How could this be? Continue reading

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