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Why Some Americans Love Government Lockdowns

There’s mounting evidence the American character is being destroyed by an infected mind. While some Americans have been rightly irate by the government’s lockdown orders, there are others that love it. They love forced hunkering. Moreover, they love the prospect of free money. Continue reading

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Tasting the Forbidden Fruit of Free Money

There’s something irresistibly magical and intoxicating about the promise of free money. For it promises life without labor…and life without limits. Moreover, once a nation has taken a bite there’s no going back. Free money, you see, is so delicious that too much is never enough. Continue reading

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Beware of Plans to Build Back Better

Central planners the world over disdain the free exchange of goods and services. They believe they can better shape the world around them according to their wishes. This fatal conceit compels them to intervene in destructive ways. Continue reading

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Buckle Up for Economic Destruction

The idea that the economy will quickly rebound and everything will be back to normal as soon as the shelter in place orders are lifted is pure fantasy. The fact is we’re all so screwed at this very moment we’ve yet to realize just how screwed we are. Continue reading

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