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Once Upon a Time in Flagstaff

All these Treasury purchases by the Fed will serve to lower interest rates.  But remember, to purchase this massive supply of Treasuries the Fed will use credit that’s created out of thin air via ledger notations. Continue reading

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Everything’s Spooktacular

October wouldn’t be complete without a thrilling spooktacular surprise. The October 7 sneak attack by Hamas on Israel and Israel’s subsequent official declaration of war certainly fits the bill. But what else? Continue reading

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How the Dianne Feinstein Effect Wrecked the Future

Attempting to spend a nation to prosperity using borrowed money at everyday low rates courtesy of the Fed is not without consequences. In the short run, an illusion of wealth can be erected. In the long run, that illusion slips into decay and disrepair. Rising interest rates expedite the failure of fiscal recklessness. Continue reading

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Coming Down from Cloud Cuckoo Land

In between the birth and death of capital there’s a wide-ranging succession. The lifecycle of capital generally follows that it is imagined, produced, consumed, and destroyed. How exactly this all takes place involves varying and infinite undulations. Continue reading

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