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How Bankers are Exploiting the Fed’s BTFP at Your Expense

American bank depositors sincerely trust the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). They are as certain as the sky is blue, that the FDIC will protect the money in their bank accounts. Thus, they do not withdraw dollars from their accounts in a banking crisis. Continue reading

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The War and Peace of Secular Market Cycles

Projections from the Congressional Budget Office show Washington racking up an additional $20.2 trillion in debt over the next decade. That would put the national debt somewhere around $54 trillion. Continue reading

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Everything’s Spooktacular

October wouldn’t be complete without a thrilling spooktacular surprise. The October 7 sneak attack by Hamas on Israel and Israel’s subsequent official declaration of war certainly fits the bill. But what else? Continue reading

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An Urgent Appeal for Duane “The Master of Disaster” Peters

Duane Peters worked really, really hard at being “The Master of Disaster” for over 40-years. Day after day. Year after year. Decade after decade. He gave it his all. It was a tough job. The broken bones. The knocked-out teeth. The many face pummelings. But he was good at it. Continue reading

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