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Dollar Debasement as A Matter of Policy

Michelle Mack thought she had it made.  The suburban mom was living the high life with her husband and kids in their $3 million mansion in northern San Diego County. But that was before December 6, 2023.  This was the day police raided her home, put her in handcuffs, took her away in her PJs and slippers, and threw her in the pokey. Continue reading

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Yellen’s Bald-Faced Lies

Did you see the recent government propaganda from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics? Not the latest faulty claim that consumer prices increased at an annual rate of just 3.4 percent in December. But rather the claim that 216,000 jobs were added in December. Continue reading

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Living the Lie

The problem with government propaganda, among many, is that it denies the truth. It attempts to induce people, through repeated justifications, to accept an official narrative that anyone with a small modicum of curiosity knows to be a lie. Continue reading

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Why Labor Productivity Has Collapsed

Recession. Raging consumer price inflation. A Presidential administration that seeks to confuse and obfuscate what’s really going on. These are the realities facing American workers in the dog days of August circa 2022. Continue reading

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