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Why the FOMC Wants to Cut Rates

Capital follows a wide-ranging lifecycle. First it is imagined. Then it is produced. Later it is consumed. Ultimately, it is destroyed. How exactly this all takes place involves varying and infinite undulations over decades and centuries. Continue reading

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Dollar Debasement as A Matter of Policy

Michelle Mack thought she had it made.  The suburban mom was living the high life with her husband and kids in their $3 million mansion in northern San Diego County. But that was before December 6, 2023.  This was the day police raided her home, put her in handcuffs, took her away in her PJs and slippers, and threw her in the pokey. Continue reading

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Have You Bought The BRRR?

Inflation, remember, starts with the inflation of the money supply. Where it runs – and when – isn’t always clear. Several years ago, aided by the coronavirus fiasco, it ran into consumer prices and residential real estate. Continue reading

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Ghosts of the Alexandria Hotel

In January, talented graffiti artists began tagging the vacant Oceanwide Plaza towers. This is no small feat. It requires scaling the buildings’ unfinished exteriors and then spray-painting creative phrases using colorful palettes and designs. Some then base jumped off and paraglided down Flower Street. Continue reading

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