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The Ugly Truth About Printing Press Money

After asset price inflation and wild gambling and speculation comes consumer price inflation…the real wealth destroyer. This is the ugly truth about printing press money. The ugly truth Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen will never share as they champion the virtues of their policies of mass inflation. Continue reading

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Journey To The End Of San Pedro Bay

Nowhere is the insanity of central economic planning so visibly stark raving mad as at the Port of Los Angeles / Port of Long Beach (POLA / POLB) shipping complex. The combined ports account for over one third of all U.S. imports. Continue reading

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Coming to America: LA Metro’s Model of Extreme Capital Consumption

LA Metro’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget was $7.2 billion. Of this, only $284.5 million was covered by passenger fares. Another $96.8 million was covered by advertising and other revenues. The remaining $6.8 billion was covered by five different sales taxes, diesel and gas taxes, highway tolls, and various grants and bonds. Continue reading

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There’s a Serious Flaw to the Team Powell-Yellen Inflation Scheme

If you’re a wage earner, retiree, or a lowly saver, your wealth is in imminent danger. A lifetime of schlepping and saving could be rapidly vaporized over the next several years. In fact, the forces towards this end have already been set in motion. Continue reading

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