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The Beginning of the End for the European Union

The European Central Bank initiated a new mass money debasement scheme yesterday.  If you recall, this involves buying €60 billion ($66 billion) a month of European government bonds.  Somehow this is supposed to improve the economy. No doubt, the European … Continue reading

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Experience the Magic of Unconventional Instruments

One of the pleasures of living in a postmodern world is witnessing the incoherent monetary policy efforts of central bankers.  It’s like watching a child chase seagulls at the beach.  There’s a lot of movement with no purpose or accomplishment. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Prepare Now for the Fed’s Next Money Pumping Scheme

Late last week something remarkable happened.  The Fed announced it would close out its quantitative easing program…and stocks went up.  This occurrence is what a psychologist would call cognitive dissonance. We’ll have more to say on this in a moment, … Continue reading

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I Owe My Soul

I Owe My Soul By Jeff Thomas, International Man In 1946, an American singer, Merle Travis, recorded a song called “Sixteen Tons.”  The song told the story of a poor coal miner in Kentucky, who lived in a small coal … Continue reading

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