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How Quantitative Tightening Ends

The pursuit of decadence is always met with the painful reality that stopping the excess is much more difficult than starting. This realization, like a killer in the night, lies in wait until just after the point of no return. When the certain destruction cannot be undone. Continue reading

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The Joy of Stealing

Robbery. Theft. Stealing. These actions take many different forms. There’s fraud. There’s force. There’s white collar theft. There’s crafty pickpockets. House burglaries. Insurance swindles. Breaking and entering (B&E). Hanoi-style. Credit card scams. Government kickbacks. Hold ups. Carjacking. Embezzlement. And much, Much More… Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth About Printing Press Money

After asset price inflation and wild gambling and speculation comes consumer price inflation…the real wealth destroyer. This is the ugly truth about printing press money. The ugly truth Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen will never share as they champion the virtues of their policies of mass inflation. Continue reading

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Inflationism Has Overturned Society

The debasement of money by governments has been going on for thousands of years. The current corruption of your dollars has been going on since the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. And it has been going on in earnest since 1971, when Nixon terminated the convertibility of the dollar into gold by foreign governments. Continue reading

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