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The Recession of 2013?

Getting back to the straight and narrow can take a lot of time and effort.  Especially after straying far off the beam without much care or sense.  That seems to be what happened to the whole economy during the bubble … Continue reading

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Is American Justice Dead?

Is American Justice Dead? By David Galland, Managing Director Every nation-state has a body of laws woven into the fabric of society.  As Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto has commented on extensively, the stronger the rule of law, the stronger … Continue reading

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How to Erase the Federal Debt and Other Bad Ideas

The world is rife with bad ideas.  Just open your eyes and look around.  Hardly a blink can be made without some bad idea coming into view.  What’s more, the worse the idea…the more popular it becomes.  Here’s a partial … Continue reading

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“We Know Better!”

Monetary intervention into credit markets is much easier to start than to stop.  In fact, once started, monetary intervention is nearly impossible to stop.  Just ask Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. He’s promised to expand the Fed’s balance sheet by over … Continue reading

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