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The Do-Re-Mi of Treasury Notes

This week brought forth new data points for two of the world’s greatest economic contrivances. These data points are important not so much because they provide a truthful depiction of reality. But rather, because in today’s centrally planned economy they can be big movers and shakers for the stock and bond market. Continue reading

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Doomed for Failure

We’ve been waiting for the U.S. economy to reach escape velocity for the last six years. What we mean is we’ve been waiting for the economy to finally becomes self-stimulating and no longer require monetary or fiscal stimulus to keep … Continue reading

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How to Maximize Economic Potential

Problems, as people commonly perceive them, require solutions.  Broken shoelaces must get fixed.  Regrettably, in today’s democracy this means the candidate who offers the most fixes – in the form of goodies – to the most people wins the election. … Continue reading

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Lower Gas Prices and the New Global Recession

How about these gas prices?  They’re incredible.  A recent AAA fuel gauge report marked the national average for a gallon of regular gas at just $2.03. That’s down 38 percent from $3.28 a year ago.  At current prices it’s estimated … Continue reading

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