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Compulsory Profits Off the Back of Every American

In the fall of 2009, back when the sky was falling, Goldman Sachs’ top man, Lloyd Blankfein, explained to The Times of London that his bank was doing “God’s work.”  At the time we weren’t sure what Blankfein was getting … Continue reading

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The Fed’s Next Price Fixing Scheme and You

Free markets these days are always and everywhere under assault.  Europe, China, Japan, and the United States, among others, are delving into extreme economic intervention.  For whatever reason, uplifters around the globe have taken it upon themselves to meddle in … Continue reading

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Sowing the Seeds of Mass Inflation

Around the time Elvis Presley choked on his last pill the impossible happened; inflation and unemployment increased simultaneously.  Economists were confounded. According to the Philips curve there was supposed to be an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment.  When the … Continue reading

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Is Gold Backwardation Now Permanent?

Is Gold Backwardation Now Permanent? By Keith Weiner, Casey Research Worldwide, an incredible tower of debt has been under construction since President Nixon’s 1971 default on the gold obligations of the US government.  His decree severed the redeemability of the … Continue reading

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