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Is the Fed Secretly Bailing Out a Major Bank?

The promise of something for nothing is always an enticing proposition. Who doesn’t want roses without thorns, rainbows without rain, and salvation without repentance? So, too, who doesn’t want a few extra basis points of yield above the 10-year Treasury note at no added risk? Continue reading

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Good Riddance Lloyd Blankfein!

“God gave me my money.” – John D. Rockefeller One and the Same Today we step away from the economy and markets and endeavor down the path less traveled.  For fun and for free, we wade out into a smelly … Continue reading

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Compulsory Profits Off the Back of Every American

In the fall of 2009, back when the sky was falling, Goldman Sachs’ top man, Lloyd Blankfein, explained to The Times of London that his bank was doing “God’s work.”  At the time we weren’t sure what Blankfein was getting … Continue reading

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Magnifying a Magnificent Debt Bubble

Last week it was discovered that, Kweku Adoboli, a 31-year-old equities trader for the Swiss bank UBS, had gone rogue.  In a remarkable misadventure he managed to blow $2 billion of other people’s money at his employer’s expense.  Apparently, UBS … Continue reading

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