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Chasing the Wind

Plebeians generally ignore the tact of their economic central planners.  They care more that their meatloaf is hot and their suds are cold, than about any plans being hatched in the capital city.  Nonetheless, the central planners know an angry … Continue reading

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How to Buy Low When Everyone Else is Buying High

The common thread running through the collective minds of present U.S. stock market investors goes something like this: A great crash is coming.  But first there will be an epic run-up climaxing with a massive parabolic blow off top. Hence, … Continue reading

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Black Swan Fledgling – The Debt Crisis Takes Flight

The debt based money system plods along according to plan.  The Fed offers unlimited credit.  Public and private entities borrow and spend it. One of the more popular delusions of contemporary culture is disbelieving the money will ever have to … Continue reading

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Leading the Next Economic Downturn

Markets went haywire again this week.  The DOW flipped and flopped like a fish out of water.  Something spectacular is heading this way…you can just feel it. U.S. government debt has now eclipsed $18.1 trillion.  Tack on the debts of … Continue reading

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