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European Money Printing: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Last Friday, while many were off for Veteran’s Day, we put in a day at the office, belaboring things portentous to our clients…and by extension ourselves.  Nonetheless, we paused a moment to consider the ‘all quiet on the western front’ … Continue reading

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Making the Impossible Possible

This week brought new evidence, not necessarily that the stock market efficiently allocates capital to its most productive use, but that it effectively separates fools from their money.  The fool gives…Wall Street takes away.  In other words, the house always … Continue reading

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The Next Crisis No One Is Talking About

Mark Twain once remarked, “Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.”  If the convergence of water scarcity factors currently shaping up comes to pass, this could be the century of water wars. No doubt, a devastating water crisis … Continue reading

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Warning Signs of a Financial Vesuvius

The Day Mount Vesuvius Blew “Injustice, swift, erect, and unconfin’d, Sweeps the wide earth, and tramples o’er mankind” – Homer, The Iliad Everything was just the way it was supposed to be in Pompeii on August 24, 79 A.D.  The … Continue reading

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