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America’s Road Map to $40 Trillion National Debt by 2028

Watch out! At this very moment, professional economists of all stripes are making plans on your behalf. They’re dreaming and scheming new and innovative ways to spend your money long before you’ve earned it. Continue reading

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The Hollow Promise of a Statist Economy

Not a day goes by that doesn’t supply a new specimen of inane disclarity. Muddy ideas are dredged up from tainted minds like lumps of odorous pond muck. We do our part to clean up the mess, whether we want to or not. Continue reading

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Larry Summers Wants to Give You a Free Lunch

The existing capital stock continues to be frittered away at the expense of savers and retirees.  Nonetheless, central bankers don’t give a doggone about it.  This, after all, is one consequence of roughly eight years of near zero interest rate … Continue reading

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From Bad to Worse in a Big Way

Just when it appeared that a $50 per barrel floor had been put under the price of oil, something unexpected happened.  The price of oil dropped over 2 percent to about $48.74 a barrel.  What’s more, it could fall much, … Continue reading

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