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Hollow Words from a Hollow Man

One of the more endearing things about politics is election season.  Although hardly a soul in this day and age still takes them serious, they are not without merit.  In fact, they are not all bad. For what better opportunity … Continue reading

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Morons At Large

Up here, near the face of Tahquitz Peak, the summer twilight lingers a little longer.  The evening sunshine bends through the tall shady pines and sweet smelling cedars, basking on Idyllwild…the splendor mile high Southern California mountain village.  We breathe … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Now for the Greatest Show on Earth

Last weekend we received a mailer from the city water department.  Long Beach has returned to water rationing.  Turf and landscape irrigation is only allowed on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday…before 9am or after 4pm. No doubt, it’s hot and dry.  … Continue reading

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Paper Gold Ain’t as Good as the Real Thing

Paper Gold Ain’t as Good as the Real Thing By Doug French, Contributing Editor, Casey Research For the first time ever, the majority of Americans are scared of their own federal government.  A Pew Research poll found that 53 percent … Continue reading

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