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Countdown To World Famine

The latest iteration of the Russia-Ukraine war recently surpassed the 90 day marker. And there’s no foreseeable end in sight. Henry Kissinger’s counsel at the World Economic Forum this week that Ukraine give up territory to Russia is a nonstarter for Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This war has only just beginning. Do you remember what the fighting is for? If so, you’re one of few. Continue reading

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Would Putin Have Attacked if Oil was $50 per Barrel?

Would Vladimir Putin have attacked if oil was below $50 per barrel? Who knows? But if he had, he would have done so without the extreme leverage he holds over Europe in the midst of a cold winter. Continue reading

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Heading for Disaster

No place is the mix of geopolitics and economics more turbulent than the muddy waters of oil and gas resources.  This week they were muddied up some more.  On Tuesday, the United States and the European Union sprayed Russia with … Continue reading

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