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Powell’s Pivot to Nowhere

Slow growth. High prices. The U.S. economy – and the global economy – was already facing these disagreeable prospects before Putin invaded Ukraine. Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for $200 per Barrel Oil?

The popular theme among politicians and the ruling elites is that crude oil will enter a secular price decline as global demand turns towards renewable energy. What these eggheads don’t readily acknowledged is that such a transition takes time. Demand for oil will decline much slower than available supply, especially when investment in production is curbed. Continue reading

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Heading for Disaster

No place is the mix of geopolitics and economics more turbulent than the muddy waters of oil and gas resources.  This week they were muddied up some more.  On Tuesday, the United States and the European Union sprayed Russia with … Continue reading

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Global Cooling and Other Guesses for 2014

Today we break from the past, and leap over the present, to focus our attention on the 12 months ahead.  There’s a New Year in front of us and we step into it with excitement and anticipation.  What will 2014 … Continue reading

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