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Are You Prepared for $200 per Barrel Oil?

The popular theme among politicians and the ruling elites is that crude oil will enter a secular price decline as global demand turns towards renewable energy. What these eggheads don’t readily acknowledged is that such a transition takes time. Demand for oil will decline much slower than available supply, especially when investment in production is curbed. Continue reading

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The Oil Curse Comes to Washington

Prices rise and prices fall.  So, too, they fall and rise.  This is how the supply and demand sweet spot is continually discovered – and rediscovered. When supply exceeds demand for a good or service, prices fall.  Conversely, when demand … Continue reading

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Doom and Gloom for North American Oil Producers

To the dismay of U.S. shale producers, oil prices continue their long slow slide into the abyss.  Perhaps the current price of $35 per barrel – an 11 year low – is the final destination.  More than likely, however, it’s … Continue reading

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