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Countdown To World Famine

The latest iteration of the Russia-Ukraine war recently surpassed the 90 day marker. And there’s no foreseeable end in sight. Henry Kissinger’s counsel at the World Economic Forum this week that Ukraine give up territory to Russia is a nonstarter for Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This war has only just beginning. Do you remember what the fighting is for? If so, you’re one of few. Continue reading

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Several Simple Suppositions and Suspicions for 2018

The New Year’s nearly here.  The slate’s been wiped clean.  New hopes, new dreams, and new fantasies, are all within reach.  Today’s the day to make a double fisted grab for them. Without question, 2018 will be the year that … Continue reading

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When Owning Gold Made You a Target for Execution

When Owning Gold Made You a Target for Execution By Doug Hornig, Hard Assets Alliance They sewed the gold into their clothing, grabbed only what they could carry, and hoped they weren’t caught… Vietnam 1975: As the Communists marched south, … Continue reading

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More Credit, More Debt: Lessons from the Last Great Unraveling

“The lord giveth increase, but man devised credit.”  — Garet Garrett Solving the Debt Problem with Credit Something quite remarkable happened in the years following the war to end all wars.  European economies were ruined and European governments were buried … Continue reading

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