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Fear and Greed with a Roll of the Dice

Bear markets take time. They also provide countless occasions to lose money. With each bounce comes an opportunity for investors to buy higher so they can later sell lower. Continue reading

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Do Techno Posers Have the Skills to Pay the Bills?

Gary from Chicago, no doubt, is a techno poser. Rather than digging deep and doing something rad, he’s counting his vacation days. We don’t know if Gary from Chicago is still employed at Meta. Regardless, we do know that many of his techno poser associates are now out of work. Continue reading

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Living the Lie

The problem with government propaganda, among many, is that it denies the truth. It attempts to induce people, through repeated justifications, to accept an official narrative that anyone with a small modicum of curiosity knows to be a lie. Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished?

About the time the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite, signed off from the CBS Evening News for the last time, something momentous happened in the U.S. credit market. Few people, apart from Bill Gross and A. Gary Shilling, understood what was going on. Continue reading

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