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Do Techno Posers Have the Skills to Pay the Bills?

Gary from Chicago, no doubt, is a techno poser. Rather than digging deep and doing something rad, he’s counting his vacation days. We don’t know if Gary from Chicago is still employed at Meta. Regardless, we do know that many of his techno poser associates are now out of work. Continue reading

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How to Be Richly Rewarded Following the Big Crash

Something utterly unforeseen and unexpected is taking place.  Recent highfliers of Wall Street’s technology space are now dropping like flies.  Can you believe it? Take Facebook, for instance.  On February 19th, the top social media service bought text messaging application, … Continue reading

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The Mark Zuckerberg Indicator

Spotting absurdities is both enjoyable and entertaining.  Can you imagine a more agreeable vocation?  For what could be more flattering than pointing and laughing at a mob of your peers as they stomp and pant in unison like boobs on … Continue reading

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