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Work is for Idiots

The International Monetary Fund reported an unpleasant outlook for the U.S. economy on Wednesday.  The IMF, as part of its annual review, believes the U.S. economic model isn’t working as well as it could to generate shared income growth. On … Continue reading

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Prepare for a Harder World

Aside from death and taxes, the only guarantee in life is change.  Change, you see, is constant.  It’s always happening. Sometimes change is an improvement.  Other times it’s an adversity.  But it’s always happening…you can count on it.  With this … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett’s Unique Problem and Solution

“Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get,” once remarked billionaire investor Warren Buffett.  These are sage words, indeed. Unfortunately, for most investors, they only consider price.  They ignore the value part…the cash flow – or dividend per … Continue reading

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