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Leading the Next Economic Downturn

Markets went haywire again this week.  The DOW flipped and flopped like a fish out of water.  Something spectacular is heading this way…you can just feel it. U.S. government debt has now eclipsed $18.1 trillion.  Tack on the debts of … Continue reading

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Lower Gas Prices and the New Global Recession

How about these gas prices?  They’re incredible.  A recent AAA fuel gauge report marked the national average for a gallon of regular gas at just $2.03. That’s down 38 percent from $3.28 a year ago.  At current prices it’s estimated … Continue reading

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Chasing the Wild Goose

Occurrences of rich irony are to be savored like fine wine.  Each sip makes one feel smarter, younger, and wealthier too.  So, too, they should not be wasted…lest they turn to vinegar. Today we pause a moment for appreciation.  A … Continue reading

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Treasury Bubble Redux

Last week, while everyone was busy gawping at the stock market’s wild swings and oil’s epic fall from grace, we set our sights on the 10 Year Treasury note.  On Thursday and Friday the yield touched down at 1.75 percent.  … Continue reading

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