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Welcome to the Death Zone

Last week, the 77 year old Gross took pause from his “wait for the prostate cancer” and emerged from what he calls “the death zone” to offer words of warning on Fed Chair Jay Powell’s newly commenced interest rate hiking cycle. Continue reading

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What is the Strike Price of the Powell Put?

The Federal Reserve, through a multi-decade series of shady practices, finds itself in a very disagreeable place. Policies of extreme market intervention have positioned the economy and financial markets for an epic bust. Continue reading

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Is Your Wealth Durable?

Durability – in this case, the ability to survive hard times, as the Tuttle Farm demonstrated for over three centuries – is something that should be valued. Yet, it’s not a widespread topic among businesses and investors. Continue reading

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Powell’s Pivot to Nowhere

Slow growth. High prices. The U.S. economy – and the global economy – was already facing these disagreeable prospects before Putin invaded Ukraine. Continue reading

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