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Welcome to the Death Zone

Last week, the 77 year old Gross took pause from his “wait for the prostate cancer” and emerged from what he calls “the death zone” to offer words of warning on Fed Chair Jay Powell’s newly commenced interest rate hiking cycle. Continue reading

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Is Inflation Beginning? Are You Ready?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” remarked George Santayana over 100 years ago. These words, as strung together in this sequence, certainly sound good. But how to render them to actionable advice is less certain. Continue reading

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Sell the Rally

Do you have the feeling something just ain’t right?  If so, we suggest trusting your gut on this one.  The financial system’s running head long for a bleak implosion…followed by years of economic hardship. Certainly, this is only our opinion.  … Continue reading

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