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Would Putin Have Attacked if Oil was $50 per Barrel?

Would Vladimir Putin have attacked if oil was below $50 per barrel? Who knows? But if he had, he would have done so without the extreme leverage he holds over Europe in the midst of a cold winter. Continue reading

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How to Reconcile Numbers that Don’t Pencil Out

The means and methods for reconciling numbers that don’t pencil out are extremely disagreeable. Some of the rising input costs can be passed on to consumers. Some can also be absorbed through lower profit margins. But there are natural limits to what price increases can be absorbed and passed along. When the numbers don’t pencil out, they don’t pencil out. Continue reading

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Blowups and an Epic Mega-Catastrophe are Coming

The Federal Reserve has an extreme and heavy handed influence over credit markets. But it’s not master of it. The fact is, Fed credit market intervention plays second fiddle to the overall rise and fall of the interest rate cycle. Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for $200 per Barrel Oil?

The popular theme among politicians and the ruling elites is that crude oil will enter a secular price decline as global demand turns towards renewable energy. What these eggheads don’t readily acknowledged is that such a transition takes time. Demand for oil will decline much slower than available supply, especially when investment in production is curbed. Continue reading

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