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Facing the Facts of Financial Doom

Our politicians’ appetite to spend money they don’t have will never be satisfied.  There’s always a boondoggle or meritless program in need of pork.  Likewise, there’s always a politician or representative in need of votes. Spending other people’s money brings … Continue reading

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Jerry’s Definitive Moonshot

Southern California has wonderful weather.  Within the coastal zone it’s especially wonderful.  The sun shines bright every day, there’s low humidity, and a cool breeze wafts off the Pacific Ocean making things perfectly pleasant.  You just can’t beat it. But … Continue reading

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Obama: The Carbon Tax Hero

Is a Carbon Tax a Done Deal for the US? By Marin Katusa, Casey Research We know Obamarama is going to tax the rich, but I bet many didn’t think he would weasel in the carbon tax as quickly as … Continue reading

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Grateful People Are Happy People

Searching for ordinary ideals of Americana is like looking for consistency in the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code.  It’s virtually nonexistent.  The stimulating conviction of one American vastly differs from that of another. One may celebrate adventures in mysticisms.  Another … Continue reading

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