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Every Bubble Eventually Finds its Pin

The transfer of wealth from workers and savers to governments and big banks continued this week with Swiss-like precision. The process is both mechanical and subtle. Here in the USA the automated elegance of this ongoing operation receives little attention. Continue reading

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Abolish the Federal Debt Limit

One trouble with government programs is they mislead people.  Recipients believe they are getting a benefit when, in effect, they are unwittingly being placed in harm’s way.  Time and time again, under the influence of a benevolent hand of government, … Continue reading

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Treadmill Economics

A day hardly goes by that doesn’t offer the unexpected.  Just when we thought the economy was rolling over to take a big fall something remarkable happened… “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 288,000, and the unemployment rate fell by … Continue reading

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The Three Stooges Debunk myRA

The Three Stooges Debunk myRA By Dennis Miller, Editor, Money Forever A little skit ran through my head the other day… The house lights dimmed and the bright American flag glistened in the background.  The crowd hushed as a tall … Continue reading

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