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The Burden of the American Worker

There’s great elation flowing from the various economic bureaus down through President Trump.  They bring a message of good news.  If you haven’t heard, here in the USA, we live, work, and play in the dazzle and delight of an … Continue reading

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How to Get Ahead in Today’s Economy

This week brought forward more evidence that we are living in a fabricated world.  The popular storyline presents a world of pure awesomeness.  The common experience, however, grossly falls short. On Tuesday, for example, the Labor Department reported there were … Continue reading

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Skeletons in the Closet

Just when the mainstream press thought they had a solid theme to report, something unexpected happened.  No one quite knows what’s going on for sure.  But the economy’s popular storyline appears to be drifting off plot. The general consensus since … Continue reading

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Bet Against the House at Your Peril

The stock market’s on edge.  After dropping 278 points last Friday and climbing back 139 points on Monday…the DOW purged 332 points on Tuesday.  Wednesday the DOW gave back another 27.  By yesterday the storm had past.  Sunny skies were … Continue reading

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