How to Get Ahead in Today’s Economy

This week brought forward more evidence that we are living in a fabricated world.  The popular storyline presents a world of pure awesomeness.  The common experience, however, grossly falls short.

On Tuesday, for example, the Labor Department reported there were a record 6.6 million job openings in March.  Based on the Labor Department’s data, there were enough jobs available – exactly – for the 6.6 million Americans who were actively looking for a job.  What a remarkable feat!

In fact, this is the first time there’s been a job opening for every unemployed person since the Labor Department began keeping track of job openings nearly 20 years ago.  Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at MUFG Union Bank, took one look at the jobs and labor report and exclaimed: “The labor market is literally on fire it is so hot with job openings!”

Now, obviously, not every person is qualified for every job.  A person’s skills often don’t match up with those required for a certain job.  This may be why the unemployment rate’s 3.9 percent, not 0.0 percent.

Still, doesn’t the perfect harmony of a precise 1:1 ratio of job openings to unemployed persons strike you as being contrived?  Well, that’s because it is.

This statistic, like many of the official numbers, is fake.  It’s a fabrication.  And it doesn’t stand up to the empirical first-hand experience of broad cross-sections of the population.


Is the labor market really so hot with job openings that it’s literally on fire?  The Labor Department’s fake numbers say so.  Nonetheless, let’s cross check their accuracy.

To clarify, there are various ways to reduce the unemployment rate.  There are hard ways.  And there are easy ways.  Reducing the unemployment rate by increasing the number of people that are working is hard.  It take time, hard work, and discipline.  Moreover, it takes strong economic growth.

But no one likes time, hard work, and discipline.  Instead, everyone likes the opposite.  Everyone likes instant gratification, lethargy, and flexibility – especially government statisticians.

Hence, the quicker, easier, and simpler way to reduce the unemployment rate is to stop counting some of the people that fall in the unemployed category.  Make them, in effect, disappear.  Problem solved!  Here, Erik Sherman, writing for Forbes, explains how the fiction is written:

“The number of jobs increased by 164,000 in April.  But the number of unemployed dropped by 239,000 between March and April.

“That is why the employment-population ratio — the percentage of all people of working age (16 and up, including people who have stopped looking for work) that are employed — dropped from 60.4 percent to 60.3 percent.  More people disappeared from the labor rolls.”

This is how statistics are conveniently fudged and fabricated.  Of course, the disappeared unemployed didn’t actually vanish from the face of the earth.  They were merely disappeared from the unemployment rate statistics.

Still, fake numbers don’t somehow make the economy awesome.  Rather, they make the economy a constructed work of fiction.  The sole purpose of fake number is political expedience.

How to Get Ahead in Today’s Economy

Another cross check to the Labor Department’s fake numbers is wage growth.  An economy with a low unemployment rate should be an economy with high worker demand.  An economy with high worker demand should be an economy where workers have the opportunity to name their price.

In short, today’s economy – the one with an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent – should be an economy with strong wage growth.  But wage growth isn’t strong.  In fact, any wage growth there is, has been more than consumed by inflation.  People may get a raise, they may make more money in a nominal sense, but inflation eats up the extra money and then some.

How is it possible that the unemployment rate is 3.9 percent, yet wage growth is softer than a warm pile of mashed potatoes?  Simple.  The unemployment rate is fake.

So what’s an industrious fellow to do, to get ahead in today’s economy?  Here are several options:

Option 1: Work harder and more hours, skimp and save, and stay out of debt.  Several years of this, however, and there will be no more available hours left in the day to work; though you may have squirreled away a small horde of nuts.

Option 2: Strike out on your own.  With any luck, and after a decade or two of hard work and sacrifice, you’ll be an overnight success.

Option 3: Check out of the workforce, and spend your days camped out on a portable picnic chair at the Santa Monica Public Library.  There’s free Wi-Fi!

As far as we can tell, it’s best to simultaneously do both Option 1 and Option 2.  While it may at times be masochistic, and there’s no guarantee of success, if you stay interested, and keep your sense of urgency, you’ll always have hope.

And having a little hope, no doubt, will put you ahead of nearly everyone else.


MN Gordon
for Economic Prism

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  13. A_Guy says:

    Its all lies. Lie #1 … if you’ve got a criminal record … nobody is going to hire you. Period. There can be a million job openings and they still won’t hire you. If you are older and male … and especially if you’re black or a minority … there’s a pretty good chance you got arrested at least once along the way. NO JOB FOR YOU. Men don’t get a pass from the legal system, like women do. #2 As for younger folks … do you smoke weed with your friends on the weekend? If the answer is yes then NO JOB FOR YOU EITHER. No, they don’t care that its now legal in 14 states.

    So … can’t pass a background check or can’t pass a drug test … THEN NOBODY IN AMERICA IS GOING TO HIRE YOU, and nothing else matters. In many other jobs if you’re too old or too young or overweight or smoke … they won’t hire you either. Hell in a lot of places if you’re NOT a liberal or if you didn’t vote for Hillary … they won’t hire you either. Particularly in Tech companies … not a socialist, messed up in the head liberal … THEY WON”T HIRE YOU and nothing else matters; political correctness and feminism above all else. Yes, they’d rather burn their companies to the ground than hire a Trump supporter.

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  16. Excellent article dispelling the total fabrication of ALL statistics, not only labour.

    I believe that a crisis event is due in the near term – some 2-3 years max. I have written a book (100,000 words) and have an e-copy available, trying to explain the why and how of our dysfunctional global financial system to the general public, especially young people. I have yet to get a publisher interested although I have emailed 100s of literary agents. The feedback generally advises that the subject is too controversial for them to publish.

    I am offering my book (PDF) free on request to those who are interested:

    The assumption that the USA and world in general have been expanding for the last 10 years is based on the false premise of GDP. Since real inflation rates (taking commodity and assets together) far exceed nominal growth rates per the GDP deflator formula, we have in fact suffered negative growth or a prolonged, hidden global depression for 10 years. We have actually seen the end of growth as we have known it and evidence is everywhere to be found, not least of which is the oil energy resource or EROEI. My book explains all this and much more, here’s a list of subjects:

    Introduction (to a Bank Robbery)
    Commercial Banks
    Credit & Debt
    Central Banks
    Government Finances
    European Union
    Financial Engineering
    Inflation & Deflation
    National Economies
    The End of Growth
    The New Emergent Economy

    Just thought you should know that we are all being fooled by fudged statistics and QE/ZIRP.

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