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The Long Run Economics of Debt Based Stimulus

Something both unwanted and unexpected has tormented western economies in the 21st century.  Gross domestic product (GDP) has moderated onward while government debt has spiked upward.  Orthodox economists continue to be flummoxed by what has transpired. Here is the United … Continue reading

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How Capital is Allocated in 2016

Distilling down and projecting out the economy’s limitless spectrum of interrelationships is near impossible to do with any regular accuracy.  The inputs are too vast.  The relationships are too erratic. Quite frankly, keeping tabs on it all is beyond human … Continue reading

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Economic Profanity

Significant changes are taking place.  As we noted several weeks ago, for the first time in 27 years wealth is not flowing into emerging markets.  It’s flowing out. The global economy everyone has known since the late 1980s is being … Continue reading

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Not in a Million Years

Storylines serve a valuable purpose.  They round out the incongruences and give meaning to things in a way people can quickly comprehend.  This is especially true when it comes to the economy. The popular narrative of the day is that … Continue reading

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