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How the Fed Retarded the Residential Real Estate Market

Even though houses are completely unaffordable, prices remain high because the supply is ultra-constrained. The Fed, in essence, retarded the residential real estate market. Only well-intentioned central planners could accomplish such a feat. Continue reading

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How Washington Ruined America’s Future

United States Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen has an incredible job.  She writes rubber checks to pay America’s bills.  Yet, somehow, the rubber checks don’t bounce.  Instead, like magic, they clear. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Era of Targeted Bailouts

Here at the Economic Prism, we’re opposed to market intervention and bailouts of all colors and stripes. The conceit of it all, that a collection of unelected bureaucrats knows what’s best for a 330-million-person economy, sticks in our craw like a broken chicken bone. Continue reading

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On the Importance of Deflation and Depressions

Deflation, in essence, means a general reduction of prices. As opposed to inflation, deflation allows consumers to buy more goods or services tomorrow with the same money they have today. Savvy consumers will then delay purchases in anticipation they can buy more for less in the future. Continue reading

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