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Why Big Government Statists Despise Gold

Gold to paper currency conversion once exacted limits upon the public purse. The Treasury, in concert with the Federal Reserve, could not issue unlimited debt based money. But that was before the U.S. severed the dollar’s relationship to gold and commenced the dollar reserve standard. Continue reading

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The Degrading Facts of a Fake Money Hole in the Head

Today we begin with the facts.  But not just the facts; the facts of the facts.  We want to better understand just what it is that’s provoking today’s ludicrous world. To clarify, we’re not after the cold hard facts; those … Continue reading

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The Barbarous Relic takes a Beating

Fantasies, failings, fraud, and folderol.  These are the elusive straws we grasp for when contemplating the marvels of modern day money.  There’s little hope we’ll ever come up with a solid handful we can pull ourselves up by. Still, we … Continue reading

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