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One Lockdown from Disaster

Implicit to the planner’s toils, is a shared sense that they know how to spend your money better than you. At best, the central planners call your money to Washington so they can then distribute it back to your friends and neighbors. In reality, the lawmakers call your money to Washington where they distribute it to their friends and neighbors – not yours. Continue reading

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Life and Death in the Age of Fear

The general mood presently being fortified by the chattering classes is one of perpetual fear. The basic stratagem includes continuously implanting the populace with extreme panic. For a fearful populace is a subservient populace. Continue reading

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What Happens When the Chickens Come Home to Roost?

What happens when the chickens come home to roost? This is today’s question. But what is the answer? In just a moment we’ll offer several thoughts and ruminations. First, however, we must take stock of the chickens… Continue reading

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Is the Great Post-Pandemic Boom a Great Big Dud?

Prices, remember, are information. And when that information is falsified by an abundance of fake money, businesses and individuals are compelled to do things that would otherwise be nonsensical. Of course, the market with the most falsified prices – the credit market – is also the most prone to compelling destructive behavior. Continue reading

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