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Life and Death in the Age of Fear

The general mood presently being fortified by the chattering classes is one of perpetual fear. The basic stratagem includes continuously implanting the populace with extreme panic. For a fearful populace is a subservient populace. Continue reading

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Has Joe Biden Lost His Mind?

The current price tag for unfunded liabilities – for Social Security, Medicare (Parts A, B, and D), federal debt held by the public, and federal employee and veteran benefits – is $158.9 trillion. Again, GDP’s just $18.6 trillion. Anyone under 50 years old that’s depending on Social Security to supplement them in retirement is toast. Many people older than 50 are also toast. Continue reading

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The Other Problem with Debt No One is Talking About

Nearly 7 years have elapsed since the official end of the Great Recession.  By now it’s painfully obvious the rising tide of economic recovery has failed to lift all boats.  In fact, many boats bottomed out on the rocks in … Continue reading

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