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Will We Get the 1930s or 1970s?

What’s the deal with your neighbor?  His car’s 12 years old.  His house has minimal upgrades.  He’s the only guy left on the street who still cuts his own grass.  Is he a weirdo?  Or is he a millionaire? Certainly, … Continue reading

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Playing the Hand Dealt

Does anyone really care about Greece anymore?  The ‘Grexit’ talk has been going on for years.  It became dull, tedious, and exhausting long ago. Unquestionably, Greece’s relationship with Europe is ugly.  Greece owes more money than it can possibly pay … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Mao Zedong

“Let a hundred flowers bloom.” – Mao Zedong Someone screamed “fire” in a crowded theatre in Shanghai about a month ago.  For whatever reason the audience was on edge.  Perhaps they were watching a suspense thriller, or maybe a horror … Continue reading

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How the World Becomes Unrecognizable

Ninety three percent of Americans believe Elvis Presley is dead.  That means 7 percent believe he’s still alive.  The real insight here is that 7 percent of Americans are morons. The secondary insight is that a statistical result of 93 … Continue reading

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