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The Long, Cold Winter Ahead

Cold winds of deflation gust across the autumn economic landscape.  Global trade languishes and commodities rust away like abandoned scrap metal with a visible dusting of frost.  The economic optimism that embellished markets heading into 2015 have cooled as the … Continue reading

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Deflation with a Capital D

There’s a good ole fashioned market panic taking place in the Far East.  Buyers of Chinese stocks have become scarcer than hen’s teeth.  Even the highly visible hand of the Chinese government can’t arrest the freefall. On Monday, for example, … Continue reading

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Will We Get the 1930s or 1970s?

What’s the deal with your neighbor?  His car’s 12 years old.  His house has minimal upgrades.  He’s the only guy left on the street who still cuts his own grass.  Is he a weirdo?  Or is he a millionaire? Certainly, … Continue reading

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Lost in Transmission

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen offered several insights into what she wants you to believe she’s doing.  For starters, she wants you to think that, definitely maybe, she will raise rates soon.  But not too soon.  And certainly … Continue reading

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