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The Long, Cold Winter Ahead

Cold winds of deflation gust across the autumn economic landscape.  Global trade languishes and commodities rust away like abandoned scrap metal with a visible dusting of frost.  The economic optimism that embellished markets heading into 2015 have cooled as the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm Bearing Down Upon Us

The barbarous relic wasn’t the only thing that got smashed last week.  Commodities did too.  On Thursday copper fell nearly 2 percent, to its lowest level since 2009. Iron-ore prices also dropped.  Oil did too…falling below $50 a barrel.  Still, … Continue reading

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Pinching the Losers in Congress

Financial markets are remarkably confounding.  If you’ve ever speculated on stock price movements, you know what we mean.  Predicting where the market will go is hard enough.  But knowing exactly when…that’s nearly impossible. Looking back, assigning causation, and projecting forward, … Continue reading

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