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Pandemic, Economic Collapse, Full Societal Breakdown

The recline and flail of western civilization beats on. Pandemic, economic collapse, full societal breakdown. The sequence grooves from one to the next with the symbiotic disharmony of a minor pentatonic scale. Continue reading

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Will We Get the 1930s or 1970s?

What’s the deal with your neighbor?  His car’s 12 years old.  His house has minimal upgrades.  He’s the only guy left on the street who still cuts his own grass.  Is he a weirdo?  Or is he a millionaire? Certainly, … Continue reading

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A Stock Market Spectacular

What a week.  Can you believe it?  Stock prices have gone bipolar.  What is going on? According to “Bond King” Bill Gross, “The good times are over.”  He’s predicting “minus signs in front of the returns for many asset classes” … Continue reading

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