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This is a Full Societal Breakdown

This is a full societal breakdown. Racial injustice may be today’s rage. But there’s plenty of other injustices for people to go mad over. By the dogdays of August, no doubt, when the weekly $600 unemployment checks program has expired, riots will come to a Target near you. Continue reading

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Washington’s Latest Match Made In Hell

The recent mid-term election demonstrates that the American populace wants the more abundant life to be given to them via the highly visible hand of big government. For example, 29 year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently elected to the House of Representatives from New York’s 14th district. Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Trump When the World Ends

There was, indeed, a time when clear thinking and lucid communication via the written word were held in high regard.  As far as we can tell, this wonderful epoch concluded in 1936.  Everything since has been tortured with varying degrees … Continue reading

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Playing the Hand Dealt

Does anyone really care about Greece anymore?  The ‘Grexit’ talk has been going on for years.  It became dull, tedious, and exhausting long ago. Unquestionably, Greece’s relationship with Europe is ugly.  Greece owes more money than it can possibly pay … Continue reading

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