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What to Buy as the Great Unraveling Gets Underway

The Federal Reserve’s open market committee meeting is taking place today and tomorrow.  Central to their discussion are the two words “considerable time.”  Have you ever heard something so nonsensical?  What gives? It all started several months ago when Janet … Continue reading

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Watch Out Below

Six months ago a canary was sent down into the global economic coal mine.  At the time, oil was priced at over $110 a barrel.  Last month they pulled the canary retrieval line back up…the canary was dead.  The economy … Continue reading

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Something to Cheer About

This year’s on target to be a banner year for jobs growth.  With a month still left, total payrolls have already increased by 2.65 million.  An upsurge like this hasn’t been notched since the twilight of the last millennium. The … Continue reading

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Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures

Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures By Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, International Man It’s undeniable that the window of opportunity is getting smaller… especially when you connect all the dots and see the big picture. To help connect … Continue reading

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