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The End of Extend and Pretend

About 60-years ago twentieth century economist Hyman Minsky developed his Financial Instability Hypothesis.  His main premise was that economic stability breeds instability.  How’s that possible? As Minsky observed, financial crisis follow periods of economic stability and prosperity.  Moreover, it’s these … Continue reading

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The World Becomes Disorder

The World Becomes Disorder By Donald G.M. Coxe, Chairman, Coxe Advisors LLC Is the post-Cold War global boom over? Since the fall of Bolshevism, the world has seen remarkably sustained growth in international cooperation, brought about by freer trade and … Continue reading

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No Quick Fix for Structural Reforms

Finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 leading nations met in Cairns Australia over the weekend.  The clever fellows believe, with the right balance of fiscal and monetary policies, they can improve the global economy.  This, of … Continue reading

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Worshiping Utterances

The world around us is a strange and wacky place.  Even so, it becomes ever stranger and wackier by the day.  Just when we think we’ve seen it all…something new appears and creeps us out. For instance, have you seen … Continue reading

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