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Extreme Treasury Corruption

What happened to school cafeteria classics like Sloppy Joes and Tater Tots?  That’s what school kids across the nation want to know. From what we gather, Michelle Obama doesn’t think they’re healthy enough.  Plus she believes too many children are … Continue reading

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Things Are Getting Better and Other Popular Lies

The President says things are getting better.  The economy’s improving.  There will be prosperity for all in our time.  But if you live outside the Washington beltway, and earn your living through honest means, you know this is essentially a … Continue reading

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Something Big is Coming

How things change.  A year ago the Midwest and Mississippi Basin were suffering the worst drought since 1956.  Corn stalks were rapidly going brown and corn prices were rapidly going up.  The next food crisis was imminent. We even wrote … Continue reading

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Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant Inflation Instruction

Sometime in the 1920s Walter Knott, an unsuccessful farmer, nursed several dying berry vines back to life at his Buena Park, California, farm.  Little did he know, his fortunes were about to change. These unique vines were created by Rudolph … Continue reading

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