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On Driving the Economy into a Brick Wall

Last Friday the University of Michigan reported a consumer sentiment measurement of 54.9 for August…down from 63.7 in July.  It has been quite a while since consumers have been so in the dumps.  In fact, consumer disposition has not been … Continue reading

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When Buying Gold Becomes a Life-or-Death Question

Something absurd is going on…and we’re not talking about the stock market.  While the wild swings in the DOW are fantastic entertainment, they’re not serious.  Not for us, at least.  We panicked and sold stocks long ago. Still, we watch … Continue reading

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When the Whole Paper Edifice Collapses

There was massive carnage on Wall Street yesterday – again.  No doubt, it makes for some exciting headlines.  But here at the Economic Prism we won’t take your time to ponder the stock market’s precipitous decline.  For, today, we’re more … Continue reading

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When the Voters Get Whacked Again

Yesterday, at opening bell, stocks paused for a moment and then barfed all over themselves.  After that, they did it again…and again.  When it was over the DOW had plunged 512 points and Wall Street had fully freaked out. Is … Continue reading

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