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Shooting Monetary Blanks

Severe storms in the Midwest and South are flooding out levees and riverbanks at a rate not seen in 74 years.  From what we gather, if levels rise much higher at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers the … Continue reading

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The Origins of Central Banking

Ben Bernanke must think he’s an amateur entertainer.  Tomorrow, after 98 years of silence, the Fed Chairman will give the central bank’s first-ever press conference. Here at the Economic Prism we’ll be watching with wide eyes and anticipation…hoping for the … Continue reading

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Oil Hits 32-Month High As Unrest Persists in the Middle East

Oil prices keep going up. Gas prices too.  We filled up our tank on Wednesday and paid $4.19 per gallon for the cheap stuff.  What gives? According to the President high oil prices are caused by speculators gaming the oil … Continue reading

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Something to Believe In

Something to Believe In “Congress is going to have to raise the debt limit,” said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Sunday’s Meet the Press. Poor Timothy Geithner.  Aside from the President he must have the worst job in the world.  … Continue reading

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